ClearView TOTAL is a single-use, sterile device that allows for uterine manipulation and clearly defines where to make the colpotomy incision. In addition to the features of the traditional ClearView, the ClearView TOTAL includes a pre-attached occluder balloon as well as 3 different sizes of colpotomy cups, conveniently packaged in a sterile inner tray which can be removed and placed aside until use. The colpotomy cups were designed for improved visibility during insertion and are colored for easy identification when making the colpotomy incision.

Product Number / Order Information
UM 750 ClearView TOTAL Uterine Manipulator - 7cm Tip 5/box
UM 950 ClearView TOTAL Uterine Manipulator - 9cm Tip 5/box
ClearView Uterine Manipulator

BLUE HEAT Scope Warmer

Significantly reduce bothersome scope fogging with this innovative easy-to-use self contained optical warming system. Simply place the BLUE HEAT Scope Warmer on to the sterile field and click the activation disk to instantly warm optics to body temperature.

SAFE-PLUME Smoke Evacuation System

The SAFE-PLUME is a high-efficiency passive laparoscopic smoke filtration device which simply attaches to any ancillary trocar port for rapid and safe evacuation of surgical smoke plume.

BLUE-Flow High-Flow Insufflation Tubing Sets

The BLUE-Flow Series of insufflation tubing is designed for today's high-flow laparoscopic insufflation systems. The tubing is available in a variety of configurations so not tubing adapters are necessary. This lightweight and flexible tubing sets are latex and DEHP free and have a .1 micron high performance filter.