ClearView® Uterine Sound/Dilator

The DSD-1000 is a simple double-sided instrument that is used to find the cervical os, sound the uterus for depth and direction, and provide for comfortable dilation of the stenotic os. The Sound-Dilator is sterile packaged ready for use. The curved design allows the device to follow the natural shape of the cervical canal. One end of the device is used for sounding the uterus for depth and direction and is clearly marked at 1cm intervals, beginning at 4cm and ending at 10cm. The other end is used as a cervical dilator and is also marked at 1cm intervals to ensure it is not inserted farther than the depth of the uterus.

ClearView® is a registered trademark of Clinical Innovations, LLC

Uterine Sound Dilator DSD 1000

ClearView® Disposable Sound-Dilator is a single-use, double-ended sound dilator for use in laparoscopy or hysteroscopy involving the female pelvic organs when sounding of the uterus or dilation of the cervical canal is indicated.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-read centimeter markings on both ends for accurate sounding and safe dilation with one device
  • Small diameter and rounded tips for procedural comfort
  • Flexible, molded plastic with a curved design follows the natural shape of the cervical canal
  • Latex-free
  • Sterile, single-use
Product Number


Description ClearView Disposable Sound-Dilator, Sterile, Single-Use
Order Quantity 50/Box

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