BLUE Sticks™ Microfiber Cloths & Trocar Swab Set

BLUE Sticks™ is an optic care accessory pack that includes Microfiber Cloths and Trocar Swabs to aide with visualization.

Blue Sticks

The BLUE Sticks™ Microfiber Cloths and Trocar Swab Set safely cleans and maintains optimal visualization during laparoscopic and robot-assisted procedures. Complete with microfiber cleaning cloths, and trocar cleaning swabs for 5mm and 10/12mm cannulas conveniently packaged as a procedure pack.

Key Features and Benefits

  • No need to stock separate components
  • Radiopaque Microfiber Cloths for cleaning debris from the optic
  • Trocar swabs: 5/8mm and 10/12mm
  • Sterile, single-use
  • Latex-free
Product Number

BLUE Kit™ Premium Optic Care and Cleaning Pack – 20/box